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Workshops and Work Updates

There have been some slight amendments to my current art workshops programme. You can download the latest copy in printable pdf form by clicking..

Hazel Lale Art Workshops

And two examples of my recent work. Both are mixed media on paper.


Evening Stroll


Blue Harbour



Latest Art Workshop Updates

There are a few amendments and updates to the 2016 Art Workshops list. Thanks for the great response and feedback from all! Download your copy here:

Hazel’s Art Workshops 2016

Art Workshops: Updates to December

For everyone who asked, I now have workshop dates for the rest of the year. Click the link below to view or download your copy.

Hazel’s Art Workshops 2016

Art Workshops 2016: Updates

Recent changes to my working and teaching diaries mean that I have had to make some minor amendments to the 2016 workshops programme. Click below to download the latest edition:

Hazel’s Art Workshops 2016

New Workshops for 2015-16

Just out! My new workshops list covering September 2015 to February 2016, introducing such subjects as Animals and Watercolours, Christmas Flowers and Winter Whites… (I know, it’s August and what passes for high summer in these parts, but you have to plan ahead).

Click here to download your copy.

Art Workshops 2015: New Additions and Updates

Two new courses added in August and the 3 July workshop will now cover watercolours and pastels. Download your copy of the new list here:

Art Workshops Programme

2015 Art Workshops

I trust you all had a good Christmas and hope that the New Year will be an outstanding one for you. How are the resolutions going? If they happen to include developing an exciting new interest or extending your painting skills, I may have just the thing for you!

My new Art Workshops list is now available for download. It covers courses and sessions up to July 2015, with subjects including Vibrant Loose Watercolours, Moods of Derbyshire, Landscape on Canvas, Night Scenes, Creative Line and Colour on Canvas, Figures Made Simple, and Monoprinting.

Get your copy by clicking here:

Art Workshops January to July 2015